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Flamumba Rock pioneer extraordinaire. Fusing together Rock, Punk and Latin in a debonair acoustic blend since 2019.


A Little Love

As it turned out to be a bit of a sleeper favorite among fans the 3rd single "A Little Love" from the new album "Vol:2 Dissonance" now has a new video.


Vol:2 Dissonance

Second EP of a three volume set. Dealing with a love/hate relationship to your surroundings.
Dark Hippie Records, 2021.

Full album currently only available for those who Pre-Ordered.

Vol:1 Suncoast Harmonies

First EP of a three volume set. Inspired by escapism and exile.
Dark Hippie Records, 2020.

Two Hands One Prayer

Solo El Malo debut album.
Dark Hippie Records, 2019.